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His hand reached towards me before he toppled against the table and slid to the floor. I gazed down at him, shocked. A lone tin of tuna rolled across the floor. It had been well attended by our neighbours and his ex-colleagues; the duty vicar at the crem had done a brilliant job of praising a man whom he had never met in life.

It was over, my life with Clive….

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I assured them that I was all right and firmly closed the door in their faces. The cloud formation reminded me of spirits on their way home. A movement caught my eye. I tapped on the window and made shooing motions. It was still there three hours later. We eyed each other through the patio doors in the lounge.

It was there when I swished the curtains back each morning to let in another day. Still there when I drew them across the windows again on an evening. On this particular evening, I paused before I swished the second curtain across the patio door. The cat and I live in harmony. He never leaves my side, which I sometimes find a little unnerving….

Very frustrating. They responded within twenty-four hours, so now my Blog is up and running again. Have you noticed how the whole thing has gone smaller, leaving a wide green border down either side? As you will have gathered, I like to be independent! My first Christmas card popped through my letterbox today.

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Alfie the cat refuses to leave the house

His response to my no-no-no is to stretch out in front of the keyboard — a vast improvement to actually on it, which is apt to send things haywire! Where he is now. This means I have had to push my chair back and stretch my arms to try and hit the right keys.

Well, to be honest, I carefully transferred him, still curled up, to the windowsill at my side.

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What books are you reading? I love murder mysteries and suspense, or something historical. Such an everyday believable character. I met Anne once, a few years ago. Her books have been made into a TV series.

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Enjoyable, but I still prefer the books. No sun now, Alfie will soon be looking for a cuddle. It was six months to the day since Flossie had died, and Jane still missed her. Which was only natural when they had lived together fifteen years. Get another.

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Which made her feel worse. There was no way Flossie could be replaced, like a broken cup. She remembered the day she had adopted Flossie, a shy little cat, one of many living on a farm. She was very small and thin for a five-year old because she had been too timid to claim her share of food. Jane understood how she must have felt.

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She was shy too. More of an observer of life than a joiner-in…. Jane suppose that it was a given that they formed a bond. She was shy and diffident, too, slow to make friends and the way Flossie tapped her gently with a paw for permission to jump on her knee made her smile. The cat was so polite and effacing but always there. Jane only had to wheel it out and unwind the flex and Flossie vanished!

Hanging the washing out or tidying the flower borders, Flossie was determined to be near. Like a shadow, she went where Jane went. Jane was distraught at losing her friend. She knew she had given the cat a good life, knew that it had lived beyond the expected span…but still…. Little memories popped up, unasked. Making her eyes tear over. She tried watching TV, but nothing held her attention. Jane blinked to dismiss it and turned a page. This is ridiculous, Jane thought, snapping the book closed, rising to go and make a coffee. Waiting for the kettle to boil she was surprised by a little nudge on her leg.

She glanced down—and there was Flossie. Jane gaped in disbelief.

Slinky Malinki Catflaps by Lynley Dodd - Penguin Books Australia

She squeezed her eyes tight shut, counted to ten, and looked again. I was unsure if I could run, anyway. I was so afraid. The cat gently picked me up by the scruff of my neck and set off home. My gamble of him losing interest had failed…Each stride caused my limp body to flop from side to side.

Alfie Gets in First by Shirley Hughes Kids Story Book, Bedtime Stories

Each flop seemed to chip away at my hope to escape…. Through the cat flap and into a warm house, and still he held me firmly in his teeth. Not hurting. No blood. But I was still a captive.

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