PDF SELLING EBOOKS ONLINE: How I Published 50 Ebooks on Amazon in One Year – And You Can Too!

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Enter your bank account details. Finally, enter the details of the bank account where you want Gumroad to send your money. Selling eBooks can seem scary. Not only do you have to find a way to take payments safely online, but you also have to figure out how to do digital delivery, and potentially deal with VAT issues too! Gumroad handles it all for you. You just upload your eBook, set a few options, add the product to your site, and tell Gumroad how to pay you. This is great!

Thank you! Maybe a topic for a new blog post? However, if you opt to enrol your book in the KDP Select program for higher royalties etc , then your book must be exclusive to Amazon for a day period. It can definitely be worth trying many different ways to sell your books. All those sales add up!

Hi Paul, thanks for your comment! This tutorial has been so helpful to me and my blog, making no comment would mean being unfair. Hi Matt, your Gumroad tutorial is great and it was easy to follow all steps.

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My ebooks are published since 3 days and I verified that they can be seen and found by visitors on the gumroad site. I had 4 clicks so far coming from my fb site because I published one link there and no sales yet. My question is, how long does it approximately take until I will get visitors and hopefully some sales? Can you give me some advice, please? Fantastic guide! Just a clarification… Does Gumroad pay the authors for their copyright?

Authors must send invoices to Gumroad or not? This might help clarify things Mirko. Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy Terms of Use Credits. Does the idea of selling eBooks online freak you out at all?

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Ready to make some money? Why Gumroad is a great choice for selling eBooks Gumroad makes it ridiculously easy for anyone to sell eBooks and other digital products.

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What else can you sell with Gumroad? While this tutorial shows you how to sell an eBook, there are tons of different product types that you can sell on Gumroad, including: Music and videos you can even upload several MP3 files per product to create albums. Subscription content , where people pay regularly for content that you email to them. Membership content , where people pay regularly for access to a content archive. Physical products , such as CDs and T-shirts.

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Gumroad fees About the only downside of using Gumroad is that they take a fairly hefty percentage of the sale compared to, say, PayPal or an internet merchant account. You have two main options when it comes to fees at the time of writing : Pay no monthly fee, and pay 8.

You also get some other perks, such as removing the Gumroad branding from your sales emails, custom product delivery options so you can handle fulfilment yourself , and more. Step 1: Sign up for Gumroad Signing up is free and easy. You can also use Facebook or Twitter to sign up if you prefer: To sign up for Gumroad, just click the green Start selling button and enter your details. Step 2: Add your product Gumroad now walks you through the steps for adding your first product.

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Now you can choose how you want to sell your eBook by clicking one of three buttons: Product lets you start selling your eBook immediately. Subscription lets you set up recurring payments for your product. Pre-order lets you start taking orders before your product goes on sale.

Gumroad lets you create three kinds of things for sale: products, subscriptions, and pre-orders. Since you already have an eBook to sell, click the Product button to continue. Now comes the fun bit: adding your product! Follow these steps: Enter the product name. Enter the title of your product in the Name of product box. This name will appear wherever your product is offered for sale on Gumroad or your own site. Set the price. Enter the price in the box next to the Name of product box. You can also click the currency symbol to select a different currency. Upload your PDF.

For example, to upload your file from your computer, click From computer , then select your file to upload. Wait a few seconds while your file is uploaded. To add your eBook, just enter its name and price. Step 3: Add a cover image and description On this page, you get to upload a cover image for your product, as well as enter a description. Adding a cover image and description for the eBook. Gumroad can optionally stamp a small message onto the first page of your PDF to reduce piracy.

Gumroad also sends you a purchase email, so you can see what the emails will look like to your customers: Gumroad also sends shoppers an email for their purchase, including a download button. You can then choose from five different themes to suit your brand: You can select from five different styles for your Gumroad purchase page. That glorious moment when your first eBook is published! There are three main ways that you can put a Gumroad product up for sale on your site: Linking to the Gumroad product page for your eBook. Gumroad automatically creates a product page on its website where people can buy your eBook.

You can simply link to this page from your website. When a shopper clicks the button, a pop-up overlay appears in your page. This window looks much like the preview you saw in Step 4. The shopper clicks the button, enters their card details, and purchases your eBook — all from within the overlay in your page: The Overlay widget in action. Pressing the Buy Now button displays an overlay on top of the page, allowing shoppers to buy the product without leaving your site. Which option should you choose? It also works on mobiles. However it can also be hard to make it blend in nicely with the rest of your page design, and if you have more than one product in your page then all those embeds can start to look rather unwieldy.

Click the Products menu option in Gumroad to view your products, then click your product to edit it. Click the Share tab.

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Click the Update button to close the popup: To make your Gumroad product page open in a new browser tab, select the Open link in a new tab checkbox in WordPress. There are several ways to do this, but here are a couple of methods you can use: Add a button class to the link. To use this class, first create a text link as described above.

Then click the Text tab in the WordPress editor to switch to the text editor.

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Click My account in the top-right corner of your Gumroad dashboard. In the drop-down menu that appears, click Settings. When the Settings page appears, click the Payout link near the top of the page: The Gumroad Payout page is where you enter your payment details.

As the back-and-forth pricing arguments attest, there is no easy answer. It depends on your genre, your commitment to marketing, and the prevailing winds of the marketplace at any given time or place. New authors who are trying to find a readership can use the low price strategy to great success.

If you have a series, you may want to lower the first book in the series to entice people to give you a try.